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Our Story

In the mid-1800’s, George Peppin, an English wool trader, purchased the lease of ‘Mimaluke Station’ on the banks of Lake Eildon at Bonnie Doon. Over the ensuing years, he created the famous ‘Merino’ sheep breed that is today, world renowend for producing fleece of the highest silky quality.

With this vision in mind, Don Adams established the Peppin Ridge Vineyard in 1997 to craft premium wines of the highest silky quality. The region provides the classic cool-climate environment required to produce fruit of optimum sugar levels and flavour complexity, that tempted wine connoisseurs from around Australia to try Peppin Ridge’s fantastic wine. 

Unfortunately, during the mid 2000’s, Don had to retire from his winemaking career and the town of Bonnie Doon went thirsty for several years. Then Dave came along…

Having made a career for himself as a highly successful engineer, Dave decided he wanted to buy a winery. He searched endlessly for the perfect place but couldn’t find what he was looking for until he stumbled across Peppin Ridge in 2015. From the moment he saw the front gate, he knew he’d  found what he was looking for.  

And it wasn’t just, “the Serenity!” 

Peppin Ridge has A LOT of potential and Dave knew it. Now, 2 years on, Dave has instilled a new rigour into the place and he’s been working tirelessly getting the vineyard ready to pick its first vintage. 

Those of us who know him well, who see him up at 5am in the morning working the vines into the late hours of the evening, can’t wait to try Dave’s first vintage. 

We know it’s going to taste incredible! 

Photo of Dave McMahon - head winemaker at Peppin Ridge Estate

Our Wine

Don’s 2002 Shiraz received a rating of 92 from James Halliday in the 2006 Australian Wine Companion.  Halliday’s specific tasting notes were: “Licorice, spice, blackberry & blackcurrent; perfect ripeness; supple & long. Good cork.”

Peppin Ridge Shiraz is a full-bodied wine, expressing all the characteristic hallmarks of the variety - well balanced tannins, with generous aromas of spicy pepper, liquorice, and stewed plums. The wine has been matured in French oak harriques for 12 months, and will benefit further medium-termed cellaring. Sediment may develop in the bottle with is part of the wine's natural development and can be removed by decanting.

Don Adams - Original Winemaker
Pepin Ridge Estate Miner's Shiraz Bottle